Creating a Global Tech Hub

Dear reader, thanks for stopping by. 
My name is Armando Matijevic and I’m a tech entrepreneur from Split, Croatia.


As long as I can remember, my goal was to build the business that will impact people and communities to accelerate growth and creation.

A passion to empower others was always kind of a fuel for my consistency.


That’s why I started SplitX – the idea that work and life should and can go together. This strong why was always fully embedded in everything I did. Over the years it transformed into a tech hub which thrives on empowering incredible people/teams who are willing to collaborate and create additional value together. The end goal is to put Split and Dalmatia on the map as a world-class center of technology and a comfortable, productive lifestyle.


My skill set is diverse, ranging from purely technical to exceptionally developed soft skills. I find it most comfortable in a position where I can directly make the biggest impact.


Additionally, I am an immensely devoted athlete, ever since I was 12 years old. Working towards the harmony of both mental and physical health is what I strive for.